Updates for October 18

Hello DeseretNews.com readers. It’s been a while since we’ve provided an update on changes we are making to the site so I thought I’d summarize a few. Issues First, let me mention a recently resolved issue. While most visitors never experienced this, occasionally one of our servers would reset its connection with a visitor’s web browser. This resulted in a login form, comment form, email subscription form or … Continue reading»

Status update: Keep the comments coming

Earlier this month, our digital team and other company employees gathered in a window-lined conference room to talk about the most important aspect of our business: you. We dedicated that morning to the topic of “thinking like a user,” and we make that the focus of our efforts every day. Our goal is to provide you with the best online news experience possible. This is why we exchange emails … Continue reading»

Welcome to the new DeseretNews.com

In November we introduced the new DeseretNews.com. We explained our cleaner design and asked for your input on everything from color schemes to font sizes. We’ve spent the past few months responding to your feedback and making sure we’re living up to our “new look, same great taste” goal. If you’ve been using the new site during this time, you may have encountered some missing pieces or bugs. … Continue reading»

To learn why this is more than just another project for us, keep reading. Just interested to know how the app works? Click Here. To download the app for free from the App Store Click Here. When I was a kid growing up in Ephraim, Utah my brother took me to the computer lab at Snow College. He showed me a room full of massive mainframe computers crunching numbers (at … Continue reading»

A new DeseretNews.com

Wanna skip right to what’s new? Click here. Wanna learn why we did it? Keep reading. Always Pioneering. That’s what we’re calling our new blog about innovations and changes at the Deseret News. “Is that just a fun play on words, or does it mean something?” you may ask. I’ll let you be the judge as you check back (hopefully) over the coming weeks, months and years, but … Continue reading»