1. Jackson

    I really prefer the traditional look. In fact, I hate the new look. it appears that you have done this to maximize advertising and to show your contributors profile and facebook/twitter?!

    The old look is WAY cleaner and easier to follow, as we as easier on the eyes. The past few years I was so pleased with DN and how the website was so much better than Trib. But now you’ve stooped to Trib and both your websites suck. Thanks alot.

    • Emily Eyring

      Hi Jackson,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re dissatisfied with the new design, but I appreciate your feedback. To help me better understand exactly what improvements you’d like to see on the site, would you mind filling out this quick survey?


      Our online team has been using the feedback from this survey to make changes to the beta site, and we’d love to have your input as well.


  2. Kurt Matthia

    The look is fine, but I can’t seem to get a bird’s eye view as well in the new look. In the traditional, I can pick and choose better what I want to see. The new look seems to say to me “take this card” and the old look says “take any card.”

  3. Tom7

    I’ve loved DeseretNews.com, especially when compared to other local news sites, so when I saw it was changing, I have to admit I was worried.

    Not anymore.

    I just saw the youtube tour and it looks GREAT. There are some seriously smart useability innovations with the new DeseretNews.com that I’m sure will be mimicked by other news sites in the not to distant future.

    Anyway, it looks and works great on my Mac laptop… I’ll give it a try with my iPad, Android phone and Kindle Fire and see if I love it just as much on the other devices.

    Guys, I’m very impressed. Great work.

    • Emily Eyring

      Hi, Tom. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback. I’m so glad to hear that you are enjoying using the new site so far. We will continue to make improvements, and we’d love to hear any suggestions you might have.

    • Emily Eyring

      Hi, Amy. The Obituaries link can be found in the second level of the navigation bar on the homepage, right below the “Sports” tab. If you are still having a hard time finding this, just let me know.

  4. Nanette Dixon

    Sorry, but I really do not care for your “new” look. The site is extremely cluttered, not clean looking, requires a lot more navigation, which I think is unnecessary, and appears to be geared to the articles you folks “think” the reader needs to read. I, for one, would rather read from the current version.

  5. Emily Eyring

    Hi, Nanette. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t enjoying the new version. We genuinely want to make using the site a positive experience, and I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have. What specific features on the old site do you prefer?

  6. Sheldon R Strand

    I am from Oregon and all I want is the news of the LDS Church. I don’t care about what the Evangelicals (Sp) are doing. I don’t care about the “Millenial Generation Struggles to Relate to Religion.” And, I don’t care about movie reviews. In order to get the church news we had to subscribe to something called “Deseret News.” I wish we had saved our money. It looks as though you are trying to pac youe circulation numbers by including the Church News subscribers . . . Now why woiuld that be?? hmmmmm

  7. Lowell Stewart

    I think the new look is definitely a step in the right direction. However, the comment system has (I think) taken a bit of a step backward. The prominent link to the comments at the bottom of each story does not have any indication of how many comments there are… I see the small comments link at the top of the page, which does indicate how many comments there are… but once you’ve read the story, that part is inconveniently scrolled off screen.

    Also, once you’ve clicked to go into the comments, the comment input field is at the top of the page instead of the bottom. Not sure what convinced you to change the placement here, but IMO it does not “encourage… dialogue”, because it prompts people to speak before they’ve even read what others have to say. Also, the formatting of the comments themselves — it looks clean (all backgrounds white), but at the expense of some clarity if you ask me. It will take some getting used to (I really liked the old “blue” look).

    Overall, though, I appreciate the more modern and cleanly designed site. Thanks for all your work.

  8. Lowell Stewart

    Oops, one more comment. Looks like your comment system may be running on GMT, and needs to be adjusted for the local time zone?

    • Logan Dunn

      @Lowell That’s a great point. I will talk to our team members and see what they think. Then, we will put it in our development line up to get it done.

  9. The headline on stories does not display properly on a tablet. The second linline is is coverred by the story. Overall your old design is better as it has a cleaner look.

  10. Richard Nielsen

    I don’t like it! It looks like a person would have to really struggle to find what they’re looking for. Not user friendly. Keep the old look, it’s more user friendly.

    • Emily Eyring

      We’ve had requests from a number of users to move the Obituaries link to a more prominent location, and we are working on that right now. We’ll have that in a more visible location very soon.

  11. Jon Schuler

    Looks a lot better than the old site. I’m glad to see this improvement.

    Those that want the old look should probably be saying “I’m old! I don’t like change! Now eat your oatmeal!”

  12. Ricardo Garcia

    To those that do not like the new format: I just saw the video tour and it states that one can change/swap back to the “old format” if one choose so.

  13. Kim Barker

    I like the new site but I can’t find the free weekly music download that was part of Mormon Times. Did you do away with it?

  14. Mills Crenshaw

    Sorry, but I hate it. I find I’m coming to the D News far less often now that you’ve changed. Cluttered; distracting; confusing and kludgey. Before a class act…after the class clown.

    One man’s opinion

    • Emily Eyring

      @Mills, we genuinely appreciate your feedback. Do you have specific suggestions for improvements you’d like to see or problems you have encountered?

  15. Sundy Watanabe

    Where can I find archived articles? I especially need access to historical information.

    • Logan Dunn

      @Sundy. We have a temporary fix in place now. Go to our site and type in your search query in the search box and then select archives from the drop down and perform your search. There is a bug we have yet to work out, making it so you need to re-select archives from the search drop-down each time or weird things start happening. Thanks again for your feedback.

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