Welcome to the new DeseretNews.com

In November we introduced the new DeseretNews.com. We explained our cleaner design and asked for your input on everything from color schemes to font sizes.

We’ve spent the past few months responding to your feedback and making sure we’re living up to our “new look, same great taste” goal. If you’ve been using the new site during this time, you may have encountered some missing pieces or bugs. We’ve worked through  most of these kinks, and a few of our most recent improvements include the following:

1. We’ve cut the load time of our pages in half.

2. We’ve improved the accuracy of our search results.

3. We’ve moved our remaining pages, including TV Listings and High School Stats, into the new design.

4. We’ve improved the accuracy of our data, so the Most Popular stories list better reflects what readers like you are enjoying right now.

With these changes in place, we are ready to make the redesigned site the default for all users. For a few days there will still be a link at the top of the site that allows you to switch back to the old design.

If you find yourself using this link to return to the old site, or if you have suggestions for the new site, please use the blue “Feedback” tab on the left side of the site to help us understand how we can improve your experience. We want the new DeseretNews.com to be your go-to news source.

If you’re looking for an in-depth look at the new design, read this post from our general manager and watch this video tour.


  1. RRC

    The new look is kind of fun! I think you will have a few bugs to iron out and we all need to get used to it, but overall it looks very nice.

    • Emily Eyring

      We’re so glad to hear you’re enjoying the new design. Thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

  2. Helen Williams

    I find the new print much harder to read and on multiple page articles, the page numbers are almost impossible to distinguish between the page you are on. Almost always I have to guess and try going forward to see which page I am on. Given a choice I much preferred the old print.
    As I have an allergy to news print I don’t have the option of going that way. Besides we gave up on the paper edition at least 5 years ago because the delivery was the worst I have ever experienced in over 70 years of reading the news paper. It was usually thrown in the gutter at the bottom of the drive way and often wet. I often read the newspapers from all over the US and the world and find the internet much better then print editions.
    Sure wish you would use and easier to read print. Increasing the size doesn’t help.

    • Emily Eyring

      Thank you for your feedback, Helen. We have heard from a number of users that the page numbers are not indicated clearly enough, and we are currently working with our designers to improve that.

  3. Paul Blanchard

    I am very impressed with the new website – wow! I like the look, the layout, the organization of material, the colors, fonts, etc. I think you are really on the right track! Way to go!

  4. Craig Oler

    It is a nice design and it will not work on my HP Touchpad. It would be very nice to be able to get below a top top-level link to an article . On the TouchPad I only get only a blank screen when clicking on a 1st level link.

    Don’t know who needs the fix, the OS or the DesNews code but this is driving me to read online papers which will display on a TouchPad–pretty much all of them except my favorite paper, The Deseret News. WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, and even the Billings Gazette and SLTrib all work.



    • Logan Dunn

      Craig, I understand how frustrating it must be to not be able to browse the news where you want on the device that you want. We realize that we have not given enough attention to our reading experience on Android devices. We are planning on doing a mobile/tablet revamp soon that will take care of your problems. Thanks for being patient as we work through our improvements. We are doing our best to listen to reader feedback and adjust accordingly.

  5. Tim

    I have just one complaint. Why am I being bombarded with facebook and twitter here. I am so sick of these social media mediums. I dont facebook and dont want to share anything on facebook. I just want to read the story.

    • Logan Dunn

      Hi Tim, thanks for the feedback. We do plan on removing the social share buttons from the queues on the section pages, but we will keep them there on the story pages. Though you may not have a Facebook or Twitter account, these networks are used by over half of the worlds internet users. For many people these tools are valuable and allow them to quickly share stories that they like. If you feel that the sharing tools are too obtrusive to you, we do have a print view for each story that will take all of that out. To activate it, simple click on the word “Print” below and to the right of the headline. It should give you a view similar to what is shown here: http://desne.ws/ybwV5T

      Thanks again for your feedback.

  6. Ken

    Call it what it is. You made room for more advertising plain and simple. My question is can you pay a fee so you can read it without all the annoying adds? I would be happy to do so. I know you need to have revenue.

    • Emily Eyring

      Thank you for your feedback, Ken. We actually have fewer ads on the new site than we did on the old site. However, we did move the ad that used to reside below the “Most popular” box on the right side of every page to a position above that box. The increased prominence of these ads has given some users the impression that we have created more ad slots. We do not currently have a plan to provide a version of the site without ads.

  7. Brandon Shaffer

    At first I didn’t like it at all…all new things have a learning curve. I didn’t think I could find what I was used to finding. With time, I can now see where everything is, how it works, what the philosophy is.

    Yet I still find myself much less likely than I used to be to look for my news here, and when I do log on I spend much less time. I don’t think I really know why. I’ve waited to see if it would change, but I’ve just never become comfortable with it.

    The only concrete thing I can really come up with, is the feeling that the “Picks” restrict me to seven or eight articles in each category, instead of like before when I could see many articles at a glance. And I know that’s not even real, because I can still click on the category and get the whole list, albeit lengthened out because of the extra thumbnail graphics (which I would think would be nice, but seem to put me off for some reason).

    In short, my “mind” knows that no features have been lost, rather some have been added; buy my “heart” feels like there’s less to see and do.

    Strange feedback, I know. Take it as you can.

    • Logan Dunn

      Brandon, thank you for your feedback. We value it. Already we are implementing changes that our readers have suggested. For example, we have changed how our section page queues function so there are more headlines and easier pagination. Hopefully these longer queues assist in helping your browse content. Your feedback about the buckets on the Homepage is great. We have thought about ways to ease the way readers browse content. We are finding that more and more people come to news sites without any concrete idea of what they are looking for, they just want to see what is going on. Ideas such as bringing back a larger list of the most popular items and having a big queue with the latest posts have been talked about. Bear with us as we continue to taylor our site to what our readers want.

  8. Ken Jennings

    If you are planning to add more sections, you should keep the new site in BETA longer. I cannot fathom WHY the subheadings under UTAH were renmoved or hidden. Most access to a local paper is for local news. The sub-menu with the counties, education, police, the crime map, etc. is not only gone from the new site, it seems to have been removed from the old site. There are too few categories with too many unrelated items grouped together and four pages to scroll through to (hopefully) find something that used to appear in a specific category. Faster page loading? Anyone with base level DSL or fater will not notice the difference. Are you suddenly catering to the 1% still on dial up? Bring the categories back . . . PLEASE!

  9. Emily Eyring

    Thank you for your comment, Ken. We have heard from a number of users that they also miss the Utah subcategories, so we are working now to get those on the new site.

  10. Lance

    While I am neutral on the new design and haven’t seen anything that really improves my experience over the old design, I can say that I do not like that the text in the body of an article is larger. When I change it to a smaller size via View->Zoom (View->Text Size does not affect the size) , the text size at other sites is also affected. The text size makes me think I’m reading a child’s book rather than a newspaper. Any suggestions?

    • Emily Eyring

      Hi, Lance. Thank you for your feedback. Have you tried using the plus an minus buttons at the top of each article page next to the word “Font”? This should allow you to change the font size on our site without affecting your reading experience on other sites. Font Size

    • Logan Dunn

      @Kyle, great question. Yes, we will eventually have a directory where you can see staffers and access their individual pages. With other, more pressing changes in our queues, we are not sure when the staff directory will roll out. Thanks for the feedback!

  11. Jennifer Taylor

    I have always used the Deseret News web site to look up movie times, and now I can’t find them. I loved how it was a quick link from the main page before.

    • Logan Dunn

      @Jennifer, we do have the movies link on the homepage, but it is not quite as visible as before.

      Screenshot of Deseret News

      You can also get to it from any other page on the site by hovering over the home icon which allows the sub-nav to appear where the movies link is.

  12. Harold Skilley

    Two bad things about the new site:

    (1) The font color has been changed to light blue on the main page. The old site had black font. It is very difficult to read the light blue font. There is a reason that most large media sites use dark blue or black font. The Desnews has chosen “style” over readablity with this move.

    (2) The font in the articles is very, very large. Was this a move to increase the “click throughs” in each article? Large Font = less text per page? The articles are hard to read with the large font, and feel like a large print addition for people who can’t see well. Why did the Desnews move in this direction, when most major (newspaper and media) don’t do this approach?

    These two changes are not merely style changes, but rather effect readability of the site. If the site is too hard to read, then why bother visiting it?

  13. Chad

    Why do you now allow only 4 pages of content for any particular section? For the World and Nation section, the 4 pages allocated to that category often fills up in less than a day. In the old format, the Archives page allowed browsing back to any particular day desired. There seems to be no way now to do that in the new format.

    Also, while the ability to drill down is useful, I want ALL stories to also be browsable at the higher browse levels. For example, it seems that some Utah stories are browsable ONLY by drilling down several levels. They should also be included in the headlines presented when I simply click on “News”. Likewise, I should be able to see all stories about, say, food, by clicking on “Family Life”. I shouldn’t need to drill down to the Food subcategory.

    Ideally, what I would like to see is a page that has all articles of all categories that was added to the site during any particular day — like your old site had.

  14. Denny Osborn

    Why did you leave WSU off the bar on the sports page. It is a major university and many of us who have moved out of Utah like to check back in and Weber State is just being shafted by you guys. Sad.

  15. Becky Stahle

    I have loved to have the high school sports box scores and the calendar of games times on the front page over to the the right side. I like to see the scores of all the games then click on individual school and see the game stats. I also could also click on an individual player and it would take you to all of that players stats. I can’t find anything like that in the new design and it is frustrating to not be able to find what you want. Is that information somewhere and if not can you bring that part back?
    I have found where you have box scores of the games but it is only the final score no individual stats.

  16. Mark Shea

    The New Coke was a failure. The new design of des news is similarly awful and impossible to use. The old version was great. I will have to stop reading des news online if the old version doesn’t return as an option.

    • Emily Eyring

      @Mark, we’re sorry to hear that you’re frustrated with the new design. If you would like to share any suggestions or specific concerns you have, we would be happy to look into how we can improve the site.

  17. Vince Campanile

    Personally as a web developer I found the design of the old website cleaner and easier to navigae. The new site seems much more cluttered, and quite frankly not as intuitive to navigate.

  18. This new website is much worse and harder to load than the previous version. It is a RAM memory hog and is slows down all other operations while it takes 10 minutes to load each link and each page. It is much slower and I hate the continuous streaming that destroys any other browsing with this web site opened. How do I shut off the streaming so I can read the article in reasonable efficiency? How do I stop my links and pages from disappearing from view while I am trying to read it?

    I am being forced to abandon this tabloid news media that is always good for a laugh as terribly misinforming citizens of Utah. Facts are irrelevant and socialism is the DN downfall.

    If I don’t hear from you or see some explanations of the DN level of quality adjusted then I know there is no intention of being other than what you are, a dishonorable discredit to the profession of journalism.

  19. Nancy Gardner

    I was one who waited til the very last minute, til the old style was no longer available at all, to change. I tried the new style early on several times and in the last month, and just couldn’t bond with it. I decided I could be pleased, happy, and entertained when reading Des News–or aggravated and bored. I went with pleased, happy and entertained. Rolling headline screens that are annoying, flashing Family Deals screen that is annoying, annoying comments sections, not nearly so easy to see and to click right on a headline that intrigues me, without scrolling down, etc– but mostly just a feeling of sadness and a real case of Fixing What WASN’T BROKEN in the first place.
    Don’t know if it would induce you to keep running the two styles simultaneously like you’ve been doing, by KNOWING at least two people(and there must be more of us out there) have gone from spending significant time per day at DesNews, to spending hardly any at all.
    On the plus side, it sure frees up a lot of time I probably should be doing other things. I MISS YOU, OLD STYLE!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁
    If readership numbers matter, the 2-styles option might be the way to go. Thanks for listening.

    • Logan Dunn

      @Nancy, Thank you so much for your feedback. Unfortunately the old site will not be coming back. It was built on an old platform that needed to be updated. We are seeking to improve things in the new version based on feedback like yours. Improvements like faster page-load times and content accessibility are on the way. For example, we are currently working on tweaks to the new homepage to display more headlines above the fold (to help you avoid scrolling if you don’t want to). Please be patient with us and continue to give feedback.

  20. Mary

    Mark and Vince are right.

    Navigation and choices were much better with the old design.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? That applies here.

    • Logan Dunn

      @Mary, We are seeking to improve the navigation, making obits more prominent and adding in past sections that our readers are demanding. Do you have any specific suggestions about what you would like to see in the navigation?

  21. ShaunMcC

    Probably just an oversight (hopefully), but I commented two months ago that I can’t find the authors list on Mormon Times with the new version. It was still there on the old version last week. I use that link to quickly find the most recent articles by my favorite authors and am unhappy that it is no longer available.

    • Logan Dunn

      @ShaunMcC, Thanks for the feedback. I will have someone from that team get in touch with you about the MT contributor list.

  22. Sally

    Faster, more accurate is nice, but I hate the new design. Old design is much cleaner and simpler to find things. I absolutely agree with Mark and Vince. Sorry.

    • Logan Dunn

      @Sally, I am sorry you don’t like our new design. We are seeking to improve it based on reader feedback. Do you have any specific suggestions that you would like to see implemented on the new site?

  23. brock harward

    how do u see high school sports scores before they where all just on the right side of the screen win u clicked on high school sports. I don’t now where to find them

    • Logan Dunn

      @Brock, you can go to http://www.deseretnews.com/sports/high-school/schedule/ and select the date. You can also browse by the school and sport to get the scores. We are working on creating a scoreboard ticker that will appear at the top of the sports pages, displaying box scores. We are still in BETA. It is a massive project to move everything over to a new site. Please bare with us as we seek to continually improve the new design and add in old features.

  24. Christy

    The new system is not an improvement. It is slow. It is hard to read multiple pages. It doesen’t greet the reader. I like the old system. Please make it possible to use the old system. Thank you.

    • Logan Dunn

      @Christy, unfortunately we will not be offering the old system again. We are working to improve page-load times and content readability based on reader feedback like yours. Do you have any specific recommendations that you would like to see on the new version?

  25. B Paul

    Much more cumbersome to gain sports scores and schedules. You’ve added steps to the process which makes no sense to me. Not a fan.

    • Logan Dunn

      @B Paul, Thank you for the comment. We have heard similar feedback about high school scores and stats. We are working on incorporating that information right in the stories and making them easier to find. Sorry for the frustration and thanks for the feedback.

    • Logan Dunn

      Susanna, Yes, we plan on adding a staff directory. We are currently addressing more pressing matters, but we will get around to adding a staff directory soon.

  26. Keith J Wilson

    I have had problems with my old lap-top and desk top, we recently got BRAND NEW computers, a New Desk Top and Lap Top. DESERET NEWS still freezes! It fails to load, it stops me from typing in the middle of comments and the new format is looking like everyone elses format. I might as well read the Trib! I liked the old version, it was easy to get around in, I liked it, it read well, clicked well, seldom froze even on my dinosaur computers, and it was a breath of FRESH AIR from everyone elses look (Much Like Your NEW LOOK). Some times re-inventing the wheel doesn’t make it work any better, it just makes people go buy another brand of wheel! Someone else called it right with the “NEW COKE/Old Coke”! Kind of like when they came out with the Clear Pepsi and Clear Coke, how long did that go over 6 months maybe? Anymore I spend about 5 minutes on your paper, get very frustrated and go to the Tribune or even USA Today or Fox News! I hope you strongly consider the money you wasted on the new format, JUST THAT, WASTED! Go back to what worked good before, and do what works, stop trying to improve on a great thing now gone south! Kind of like the 2007 Corolla, the thing got 37 miles to the Gallon, my wife gets 41-42 in hers (A Standard Tranny), the 2011 model gets what 34? The Camry gets better than it does! Do the right thing and GO BACK!

  27. Keith J. Wilson

    One more quick comment… In reading so many other comments I see there are very FEW REALLY HAPPY CAMPERS out there with the new format. You keep saying your working on this, that and the other… Food for thought… While you are working on these “Issues” frustrated people are spending less and less time on Deseret News, seeing the ads from your advertisers, and spending less money on them. As this continues…. These people are spending more on other sites to get their news, and scores, and information rather than on your Old Wonderful Format we all loved so much! By the time you get all the Bugs worked out, you won’t have very many readers visiting your site anymore… What will the “New Solution” to that problem be? Layoffs, Pay-Cuts, Not as many Advertisers? In all honesty, someone or some people made a very serious mistake! I am sure there is a way to “Bring Back The Old System” you couldn’t have just trashed it? It was fine the way it was, and VERY USER FRIENDLY!

  28. Lowell Steele

    I like the design for the most part, although I wish I didn’t have to click twice on a headline to read the story. My biggest complaint, however is the lack of compatibility with the WebKit browser. All of my mobile devices run webOS, which relies on WebKit to render pages. WebOS supports Flash and HTML 5, which means it can access a lot of pages which iOS devices cannot. In fact, it is extremely rare to find any web page which doesn’t function properly in webOS, so I’m a little surprised to find the Deseret News taking a non-standard approach approach which locks out HP/Palm users. What happens is that the page loads and displays normally until it is 99% loaded, but when the loading completes, it erases the page and it goes white-screen. Refreshing the screen just duplicates the process. The only way to read a story is to stop the load before it completes.

    • Logan Dunn


      Thanks for the feedback. I will work with our dev team to look into the HP/Palm problem. We have heard about it from a couple of users now.

  29. Susanna

    A few weeks ago there was an article about a new Deseret News publisher, new editors, someone new coming in from California, etc., but these changes are not reflected in the staff directory. Could you update the directory with all of the current management, the editors, the department heads, the reporters and their beats and columnists. Thank you.

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